Our Mission

We are a "No-Kill" animal rescue organization comprised of like-minded people whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, medical treatment, sterilization, and rehabilitation to relinquished, abandoned, abused, or neglected animals. Our ultimate goal is re-homing these animals into stable, responsible new homes. The top priority of our group is to educate the public about the companion animal overpopulation and to stress the importance of spaying and neutering animals. We will advocate for animals who are imprisoned in puppy mills and catteries. We will fight locally and nationally for their humane treatment with a goal of ending commercial mill-style breeding of companion animals.

our principles

1. To always operate in the best interest of the animals we take into our program and to advocate for humane treatment and the proper care of any animal in shelters and in private homes.


 2. To provide top quality care for the animals we take in for as long as they are in our program and to provide ongoing support to our adoptors.


 3. To always maintain a manageable number of animals in our system whereby we can ensure proper medical attention, behavioral training, and housing.


 4. To rescue any animal without discrimination based on breed, age, disposition, and medical condition.


 5. To provide our community education and resources that will result in the highest level of care for animals, an increase in spay/neuter surgeries, and a decrease in the abuse, neglect, and abandonment of animals.


6. To treat our volunteers, adoptors, and partners with understanding, patience and support.